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How do I check my cross DB ownership chaining?

15 December,2022 by Tom Collins

Cross-database ownership chaining is a SQL Server  security feature allowing database users  access to other database objects hosted on the same SQL server instance, in the case where database  users don't have access granted explicitly

Two examples of situations where cross-database ownership occurs.

1) A database view joining data from tables residing on multiple databases 

2) A stored procedure accessing multiple database objects but at  the same time restricting access to the underpinning tables


How do I check my cross DB ownership chaining ?

 SELECT is_db_chaining_on, name FROM sys.databases;


To enable for an individual database 


Use this command to enable cross-database ownership chaining in all databases

USE master;
EXECUTE sp_configure 'show advanced', 1;
EXECUTE sp_configure 'cross db ownership chaining', 1;


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