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Disable a SQL Agent Job not working

17 November,2022 by Tom Collins

Question: I have a  SQL Server Agent job  in a disabled status. The disabled status is  applied to the SQL Agent Job and the associated schedule.  The problem is I'm logged on as a full administrator onto the Windows Server - and as BUILTIN\Administrator is defined on the SQL Server , but am able to manually override the SQL Agent Job.   

Is there a way to Disable the SQL Agent Job where I'm not able to manually override the job?

Answer:   There is no way to disable a SQL Agent Job where it cannot be run manually. The disabled option on a SQL Agent Job  stops the job running as a SQL Agent scheduled job.   I've specified SQL Agent Job because if another schedule  tool such as Autosys is used and triggers a script - than the SQL Agent job will be executed .

For example if using SMO through Powershell and start a disabled SQL Agent job in the context of an ID with suitable privileges , then the job will run 

[Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Agent.Job]$job = ($sqlServer.JobServer.Jobs | ? { $_.Name -eq 'MySQLAgentJob' });


There are certain strategies you could apply :

1) Review access to the elevated ID privilege

2) Delete the Job 

3) Amend in some way for the job to fail 


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