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Hashicorp Vault curl for VBA

02 August,2022 by Tom Collins

Question: We have a number of  MS Access front ends using DSN connections through ODBC to a PostgreSQL database. All works fine.   There is a now a new requirement to no store the PostgreSQL ids in the applications but to store them in Hashiccorp vault. 

Based on some research , there are quite a few methods to connect to Hashicorp , extract the password and use the information for connecting. One area I'm struggling to establish an approach is with Hashicorp Vault connections from legacy code based on VBA. What's a good approach?

Answer:  A good starting point is the api-docs on libraries on  Hashicorp Vault . This details libraries maintained for a range of development libraries both Official & Community including: Go,Ruby,Ansible, C#, C+ , Clojure, Elixir, Erlang , Go, Haskell , Java , Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, Powershell, Python , R , Rust 

For VBA specifically - I'm not able to identify any libraries for Hashicorp Vault  , but there is functionality within VBA which mimics the curl equivalent. 

A curl  example 


curl \
    -H "X-Vault-Token: f3b09679-3001-009d-2b80-9c306ab81aa6" \
    -X GET \


Equivalent VBA methodology could adopt the  WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.


Read more on Hashicorp 

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