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The fundamentals of AWS Cloud Security

24 June,2022 by Tom Collins

AWS re:Inforce 2019: The Fundamentals of AWS Cloud Security (FND209-R)

I watched an excellent Youtube hosted video related to AWS Cloud Security. Although it's from 2019 - the fundamental principles remain the same . I've summarized some of the main points. I work mainly in the AWS DBMS space - but understanding AWS Cloud Security is essential to interact with other resources - internal  & external to the VPC.

It's a presentation describing patterns of IAM  and how to apply in different situations

  • Although there is a large surface area there are some basic Fundamental Patterns which can be repeated .
  • If you learn a few patterns you can reuse and apply to most situations 
  • the three pillars are : permissions management - data encryption - network security controls 
  • IAM (I = Authentication , AM = Authorization)  Every AWS Service uses IAM to authenticate and authorize API calls                                                                                                                                  -   can uses identities in  different ways example : interchangeable with principal , federated identity           

                               -  AWS identities for non-human callers  e.g lambda fanctions, 

        There are  two parts to the equation - Identity & Permissions    

         Details on how to Learn to read and write IAM policy  - base policies on AWS documented patterns. At a basic level:

                  allow or deny?

                  What can (or can't ) you do?

                  What can (or can't ) you do it to?

 => Working across AWS account boundaries ? How do I achieve this situation - for example I want to access an s3 bucket in another account ? Use   Resource based policies

=>  Use AWS KMS to secure data . It's an AWS managed encryption\decryption service. Multiple AWS services have KMS integration. KMS is based around KMS.Encrypt \ KMS.Decrypt .

AWS s3 manages the encryption key 

=> Amazon VPC - Your virtual data center in the cloud - when you deploy cloud infrastructure your VPC is the network that provides connectivity to & from that infrastructure.

Understand - VPC core concepts - subnets  & security groups , routing basics and private connectivity capabilities


 Click start and watch the full video for all the details              





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