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How to return the character values based on ASCII character number values

21 December,2021 by Tom Collins

Question: How can I view all the character values based on the ASCII character number values? 

I can do something like : SELECT CHAR(65) and return "A"  - but I'd like to list out all the characters.

Answer: This examples uses  ASCII and CHAR to print ASCII values 

 The Microsoft doc quotes CHAR as " Returns the single-byte character with the specified integer code, as defined by the character set and encoding of the default collation of the current database"


;WITH NumberValues AS
    SELECT 1 AS Number
    SELECT Number+1
        FROM NumberValues
        WHERE Number<255
SELECT Number,CHAR(Number) as CharacterValue FROM NumberValues


If you execute this on a sql server , you'll get back 255 rows with the relevant characters associated with the ASCII character number values



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