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How to check Enforce a Password policy is enabled on SQL Server

14 December,2021 by Tom Collins

Question: Using t-sql , How can  check I Enforce a password policy is enabled on SQL Server ? I want to add this check for a regular SQL Server security configuration scan. 

This information would be viewed via a report , which DBAs could fix the issue 

Answer: This view will display the current status of Enforce password policy on a SQL Server login.

select * from sys.sql_logins where is_policy_checked = 0 


This query checks if a SQL Server using SQL Authentication has the Enforce Password Policy enabled 





If the Enforce a Password policy is not set , the password does not to apply the password complexity - typically set by the OS rules.   

If you then change the flag to Enforce a Password policy, WITHOUT changing the password ,  this will not force you to change the password - if the password doesn't follow the password complexity rules. .  But if you attempt to change the password after you have clicked OK for Enforce a Password policy, the "Password validation failed" message will appear - if the password complexity rules are not met. 


Powershell script to execute the query across multiple servers

The requirement may be to run this query across multiple SQL Servers , either as a one-off or as a regular  execute on multiple SQL Servers. Powershell is a good solution to execute this script across multiple SQL Servers. 

This powershell script returns the sql logins with is_policy_checked = 0 from the  SQL Server Instances listed in the instances_all.txt file



The output is written to the host.  Read How to covert Powershell to HTML




$dt = new-object "System.Data.DataTable"
foreach ($instance in get-content $instancepath)
$cn = new-object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection "server=$instance;database=master;Integrated Security=sspi"
$sql = $cn.CreateCommand()
$sql.CommandText = "select @@servername as server_name, [name] as sql_login, type_desc,is_policy_checked from sys.sql_logins where is_policy_checked = 0 order by @@servername"
$rdr = $sql.ExecuteReader()

$dt |select * -ExcludeProperty RowError, RowState, HasErrors, Name, Table, ItemArray  | out-host


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