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Microsoft Ignite Book of News

19 November,2021 by Tom Collins

Microsoft Ignite Book of News - reveals a ton of developments - SQL Server 2022


Some topics for database professionals covered in the latest release 

=>Azure Cosmos DB

=>Azure Database for MySQL

=>Azure Database for Postgres

=> Azure SQL Managed Instance 

=> Azure SQL Managed Instance - Link 

       -Connecting SQL Servers hosted anywhere to Azure SQL Managed Instance 

                       - Example: On-Prem R\W database data replication  to a Azure Cloud R\O Replica 

                                - How is the Instance Link managed?

                                - How is the data replication managed?

                                - Can internal applications access both Instances? 

                                - if the Internal application is SSO based on Internal Active Directory - what is the facility for extending Active Directory to Azure Cloud?

                                                          -> Use Azure AD to create an Active Directory domain in the cloud and connect to AD on-prem domain

                                                          ->Extend existing on-prem AD to Azure by deploying a VM in Azure that runs AD as a Domain Controller.

        -Enable Disaster Recovery and bi-directional migration

        - Azure Private Link

        -How to deal with a Unified Management ?

                            - i.e viewing on-premises & Azure databases . Does Azure Arc require SQL Servers to be deployed on Azure Arc managed databases or can it interface with other clusters?

        -Azure Arc - managing currency          

=> Windows Authentication in SQL Managed Instance

=> SQL Server 2022

               - SQL Server Ledger - bulletproof history of row.Ledger provides a chronicle of all changes made to the database over time.

                                              - blockchain manages the ledge table 

                                              - backup blockchain in trusted storage

               - Question: are the cryptographically hashed transactions stored outside of the database? 

               -Question: Is it an Azure only feature ?

=>Encryption (TDE)

              In Azure, all newly created databases are encrypted by default and the database encryption key is protected by a built-in server certificate. Certificate maintenance and rotation are managed by the service and require no input from the user. Customers who prefer to take control of the encryption keys can manage the keys in Azure Key Vault.  From a DBA perspective , this is efficient 


 => Cloning                                             - 

=> Azure Arc

=>Azure Purview

=?Query Store - turned on by default in SQL 2022

Click here to access the Microsoft Ignite Book of News


Read more on Azure 

Automatically Indexing Millions of Databases in Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Automatic Index Tuning by default on Azure sql server

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