Does SQL Server require a restart after memory change

16 February,2021 by Tom Collins

Question: I’d like to increase the memory allocated to our SQL Server instances.  Once the ‘maximum server memory…’ is increased, are there any SQL services which should be restarted?

Answer:-You don’t need to restart SQL Server, adjusting SQL Server’s Max Server memory is an online option . When you do make the change,you’ll highly likely cause data or procs to leave their caches so queries could be slower for a short while after you run it. If your environment is sensitive to performance consider making this change in a non production window.

Ensure you leave enough memory on host for OS and other applications.

To change the SQL Server memory you can use either the GUI or the sp_configure procedure. 

You can view the current maximum memory setting either through the GUI or the sys.configurations view


--example of changing memory to 1100 MB

SP_CONFIGURE 'Max Server Memory' , 1100
--view current settings
SELECT * FROM sys.configurations
WHERE name = 'Max Server Memory (MB)' 

Read more on SQL Server Install settings and memory 

SQL Server Install Checklist

max server memory and sql server memory – why is total memory greater than max memory?

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