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Error Message: The RPC server is unavailable during SQL Setup

29 June,2020 by Tom Collins

Question: I have received a server from the server build team and I've started a  Server set up. During the set up process , I'm getting an error message 

Error Message :The RPC server is unavailable

How cam I fix this issue?



Answer: I have seen this problem in  a few situations. Typically it arises when I'm using a Domain account as a service set up account. For example - I may  have a service account as a member of the MYDOMAIN domain. If the server cannot connect to a valid DNS server , where the sql server service account can resolve - than this error will appear. 

Go into the Advanced TCP\IP settings of the server's network configuration and check to see if there are valid DNS server addresses. You may need to work with server or network administrators to get the correct details. 

Once you've placed the correct details into the Advanced TCP\IP settings - you should be able to progress with the SQL Setup



If this doesn't fix your issue - let me know in the comments section below .


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