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How to search SQL Server Agent Command Text for a string

13 May,2020 by Tom Collins

Question: I'd like to find all SQL Server Agent Jobs with a certain string within the Command section . There's been a change in reference to a database table, therefore I need to review all SQL Server Agent Jobs and check they are not referencing this database table. 

Is there a sql query I can use to search for the string?  As an extra request - do you have any advice  on how to run this query across multiple SQL Server Instances and create a report?

Answer: Both of these tasks are possible . Firstly , let's look at t-sql query to extract . This query will check the msdb system database for the string  used by the LIKE predicator . Replace  'mystring' with whatever term you require. 


SELECT s.step_id as 'Step ID',
       j.[name] as 'SQL Agent Job Name',
       s.database_name as 'DB Name',
       s.command as 'Command'
FROM   msdb.dbo.sysjobsteps AS s
INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobs AS j ON  s.job_id = j.job_id
WHERE  s.command LIKE '%mystring%'

Executing this query on a few SQL Server Instances is not very time consuming . But what if you need to execute this script across hundreds or thousands of SQL Server Instances. This is where I find using Powershell a very powerful method to iterate, extract and create reports .

There are different approaches within Powershell to report on multiple servers. Read Powershell - run script on all sql servers   for a framework on how to run any query on multiple SQL Servers.    It is important to be careful when running queries across multiple servers. Maintaining a solid sql security policy    will minimise the possibility of mistakes.  

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