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How to get ODBC drivers using Powershell

22 January,2020 by Tom Collins

Question: I had a question from a developer who was troubleshooting an application to SQL Server connection via a DSN using ODBC. They wanted the SQL Server ODBC Driver names and platform (32 bit|64 bit) used to connect . They will use this information to check application compatibility . 


Although i can just RDP onto the server and grab the information through the ODBC gui - how can I use Powershell to get these ODBC details?

Answer: You can extract the ODBC Driver name and platform via the Powershell cmdlet - Get-OdbcDriver.

There are various options including to run the cmdlet locally and extract the information from a remote server

Here is an example of the Get-OdbcDriver. This example connects to a remote server and returns the details for odbc drivers with "sql" in the name placing them in a formatted table


Get-OdbcDriver -CimSession MyServer -Name *sql* | Format-Table name, platform -AutoSize
name platform
---- --------
SQL Server 32-bit
SQL Server Native Client 11.0 32-bit
ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server 32-bit
SQL Server 64-bit
SQL Server Native Client 11.0 64-bit
ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server 64-bit
SQL Server Native Client RDA 11.0 64-bit



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