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How to use Database Tuning Advisor via command line

19 December,2019 by Tom Collins

Question: Is it possible to use SQL Server Database Tuning Advisor through the command line?

Answer: On a server with SQL Server installed you can start the SQL Server Database Tuning Advisor In the command line type "dta".That will return something like :

Microsoft (R) SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine Tuning Advisor command line utility
Version 14.0.800.90 ((SQL_Main).170711-1339)
Copyright (c) 2015 Microsoft. All rights reserved.


Additionally - you can use : dta -? and that will give you extra usage details along with descriptions per switch 

DTA.EXE [-S ServerName[\Instance]] [-U LoginId] [-P Password] [-E] [-d DatabaseName] [-D DatabaseName[, DatabaseName]] [-Tl TableName[, TableName]] [-Tf TableListFileName] [-if WorkloadFileName] [-it WorkloadTableName] [-ip] [-iq] [-ipf] [-s SessionName] [-of [ScriptFileName]] [-or [ReportFileName]] [-rl Report[, Report]] [-ox [OutputXmlFileName]] [-F] [-ID SessionID] [-ix InputXmlFileName] [-A TuningTime] [-n NumberOfEvents] [-m MinimumImprovement] [-fa PhysicalDesignStructure] [-fp PartitionStrategy] [-fk PhysicalDesignStructure] [-fx] [-fi] [-fc] [-B StorageSize] [-c MaxKeyColumnsInIndex] [-C MaxColumnsInIndex] [-k MaxTotalIndexes] [-K MaxIndexesPerTable] [-ie] [-M MinPercentImpPerIndex] [-p NumProcessorsToUse] [-cl Mode] [-clt CleanupTimeout] [-l LastNHoursOfQueriesToTune] [-e TuningLogTable] [-N OnlineOption] [-q] [-u] [-x] [-a] [-?]

Here is a simple example of how to utilise DTA through the command line 

Step 1 -

Create a file with the sql query - example - SQLQuery1.sql

Step 2-

- In the command line construct a valid command set utilising dta. An example:

dta -S SERVER1\Instance -E -D MYDB -if SQLQuery1.sql -s MySession2 -of MySession2OutputScript.sql -ox MySession2Output.xml -fa IDX_IV -fp NONE -fk NONE

In this example command line: 

-E = security 

-if = input file 

-s  = unique session name 

-of = output file

-ox = output xml file 

-fk = physical design structure

Step 3 -


Review output file 


This is a straightforward example . Do not just accept the recommendations made by the Database Tuning Advisor . Blindly implementing can lead to unexpected consequences - just as slower sql performance 


Read more on automatic tuning 

Automatic Index Tuning by default on Azure sql server

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Author: Tom Collins (


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