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How to view all Powershell commands on a server

20 September,2019 by Tom Collins

Question: How can I view all Powershell commands on a server? I've installed multiple Powershell modules for various processes , and have lost track of what's available. Also , I'd like to expand my range of Powershell command usage

Answer: The Powershell cmdlet - Get-Command - returns all the Powershell commands on a server. There are a number of different filters and parameters you can use with Get-Command.

Using Get-command - you'll quickly find is one of the most useful Powershell cmdlets. Along with 2 other Powershell cmdlets - which I consider to be the most powerful - read more on Expand your Powershell mind – Three key cmdlets

--view all Powershell commands on a server 


--get the syntax of a Powershell cmdlet 

Get-Command Write-Error -Args Cert: -Syntax

--get ALL powershell commands of all types . Includes all executable files in the Path variable

Get-Command *

--To view full syntax of Get-command,

Get-Help Get-Command


Believe it or not - I have spent hours exploring powershell cmdlets available on new database servers . I was recently on an AWS EC2 service and  executed Get-command - the amount of powershell cmdlets available to use was massive, and opened my eyes to what was available. 

Let me know if use Powershell Get-command . I'd also like to hear about if use Get-command in an interesting or unusual way 


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