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How to import JSON file into a SQL recordset with OPENJSON

17 September,2019 by Tom Collins

Question: I have a JSON file loaded daily onto a drive . I need to set up a process to read the JSON file and translate into a SQL  recordset. Eventually - it will be added to a SQL table. Is it possible to read a simple JSON file using T_SQL ?

Answer: It is possible to read a json file using T-SQL.There are a number of different methods.  By using the OPENROWSET functionality , ISJSON and OPENJSON function you can quickly read the file , check if the JSON is valid and then unpack the JSON into a SQL table. 

This is an example of importing a simple json file. 

This is the content of the json file :

{"Name":"Joe","Surname":"Satriani","Age":55,"Music skills":["Rock Guitar","Bass Guitar"]}


Step 1 : Declare a variable


Step 2 : Use OPENROWSET , for an adhoc access to remote data 

SELECT @JSON = BulkColumn
(BULK 'E:\temp\guitar_players.json', SINGLE_CLOB)
AS j


Step 3 : Check if the data is valid. Use the ISJON function




Step 4:Select out into a SQL Table using the OPENJSON function 


based on the  json file example - this is the output of the SELECT statement 

key value type
Name Joe 1
Surname Satriani 1
Age 55 2
Music skills ["Rock Guitar","Bass Guitar"] 4


Once you have the recordset in this state - there is then tons of flexibility using T-SQL to manipulate the data according the task requirements . 

If you already using JSON let me know what method you use

Author: Tom Collins (


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