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How to execute a SQL batch multiple times with GO

30 September,2019 by Tom Collins

Question: I'd like to execute a batch sql statement through SQL Server management studio multiple times and avoid using a loop statement or other similar constructs . I'm doing some testing requiring multiple returns of recordsets and would like a simple approach - for ad hoc  queries 

Answer: Looking at the SQL Server documentation for the sql server utility GO - indicates the syntax is GO [count]. 

This means the queries triggered as part of the batch executed will execute the amount of times listed after GO.    By default it's 1 , but if you specify a positive integer - the statement will execute that amount of times

Note: you can't use this feature as part of a stored procedure, typically you use it through SSMS or sqlcmd.  

An example of the GO [count])  is the following - which executes the the select * from sys.databases 100 times


select * from sys.databases
GO 100

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