How to check Enforce password expiration is set for SQL Login

05 August,2019 by Jack Vamvas

Question: We had an unexpected application outage due to a SQL Login which had Enforce password expiration set . Unfortunately this was not being monitored, and led to a situation where the password had expired and the application was able to logon onto the database.  It's the sql server team security policy to not have SQL Logins set with MUST_CHANGE  ON. 


Part of enforcing and monitoring the policy includes incorporating certain checks in daily sql server security violations reports. What is the sql code to execute this check and to identify if any SQL Logins have Enforce Password Policy and Enforce password expiration set. ?

Answer: The sql code to execute and incorporate into your sql server security violations report is  just below


SELECT name,
is_expiration_checked  As 'is_expiration_checked'
FROM    sys.sql_logins
WHERE   is_policy_checked = 1 and is_expiration_checked = 1 


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