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Guiding principles for new technologies and database servers

18 December,2018 by Tom Collins

It seems like every day there is a new technology that touches database servers - just today I've discussed : Containers, Kubernetes , Database as a service , automation, paving,PAS, open-source, DevOps , Puppet, managing policies,multi-vendor cloud providers. Some of these I can discuss confidently , others not so much , but this is the sort of complexity DBAs are asked to comprehend \advise \ make decisions. 


Some of my guiding principles in all these conversations is to understand from a organisational and technology perspective how it all fits together


1)  All technologies must be viewed in the context of databases . How does the technology impact databases? It may be   great for  JBoss management - is it the same for databases?

2)  There are different ways of doing database services. Avoid silos - try and take a overall approach. Try and be effective across all the database technologies managed - approaches to SQL Server, DB2 LUW, PostgreSQL, etc are all the same.   Get the balance right between foundational and overall approach.  For example - one major problem is managing all the scripts and automation for all these processes. A good goal is to try and abstract the processes as much as possible

3) There is no magic bullet

4) FIRST Validate the technology 

5) SECOND Operationalise the technology. How can we get the technology to work in the operational model? One of the goals is to avoid anti-patterns unless  necessary

6) Must be used the right way to make cost efficient 

7 ) Guiding principle is do what's right for the database

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