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Astronauts are taught this six-stage decision making process

03 December,2018 by Tom Collins

Being accepted into  an astronaut training program  is one of the toughest entry processes in the professional world. As part of the entry acceptance process - potential astronaut candidates are subjected to constant testing to expose any weaknesses in pattern recognition, visual memory , working memory and so forth.

As part of the astronaut  training at the European Space Agency - astronauts are taught a six-stage decision making technique - with an acronym of FORDEC

FORDEC stands for:

F = Facts

O = Options

R = Risks

D = Decision

E = Execute

C = Check


Seems simple - but a handy acronym , not unlike daily SQL Server troubleshooting . Quite often as a DBA - we find ourselves in stressful situations with loads of people on conference calls demanding results\solutions. Keep this acronym handy for some clear thinking



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