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How to use parsename with SERVERPROPERTY('productversion')

14 September,2018 by Tom Collins

Question: I'd like to use SERVERPROPERTY('productversion')  for purposes of reporting on current sql server level. I'm using the  SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') funcion   , but am struggling with how to split the parts of the details , to make it easier for reporting.

For example : 13.0.5081.1      , I'd like to split as   

Major = 13 

Minor = 0

Build =  5081

Revision =  1

Answer:  The PARSENAME function can be used to split the SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') and avoid using various string functions.

PARSENAME is commonly used to split object names into there constituent parts. Here is an example:


select parsename('master.dbo.sysdatabases',1)
  select parsename('master.dbo.sysdatabases',2)
  select parsename('master.dbo.sysdatabases',3)

This would return:




If we apply the same concept to SERVERPROPERTY('productversion'), the example would look like:


  SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') as product_version,
  parsename(convert(varchar,serverproperty ('productversion')),4) As major,
  parsename(convert(varchar,serverproperty ('productversion')),3) As minor,
  parsename(convert(varchar,serverproperty ('productversion')),2) As build,
  parsename(convert(varchar,serverproperty ('productversion')),1) As revision


product_version     major     minor     build     revision
13.0.5081.1     13     0     5081     1


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