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Global platforms and local developer community differences

13 April,2018 by Tom Collins

Quite often developer communities can be spread across multiple geographic locations all experiencing their own local cultural and technical challenges. The idea of a consistent global platform service is to increase the levels of collaboration and communication within the community and across an organisation.

We are in an era of continuous deployment of global services. For example , auto provisioning of resources , high availability of applications, support for multiple software development methodologies and access to in-depth technology product expertise.   This global consistency is creating a large library of standardised solutions to common problems across organisations.

The consistency of these global services is simplifying the access to infrastructure. An example of this simplification is the drive towards automating manual tasks , releasing SME resource to assist the global developer community to deliver more effective solutions to projects and accelerate product to market .

I’ve witnessed multiple localised DBA groups integrate into global resources . This has created benefits , allowing development and access to more streamlines services . There are plenty of examples where centralizing functions allows a more efficient services

For example, currency projects can now be managed centrally , common standards and access to a global skilled staff supporting technology products

Another example is standardising deployment of database servers , allowing much faster provisioning and management of servers , as large scale can motivate organisations to look for more efficient methods of deployment.

It is important to recognise local differences particularly working practises , legal and cultural differences , but focusing on consistency across global platforms can induce benefits , both for more creative solutions and large cost savings

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