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How to get DOMAIN login name with Powershell Get-ADGroupMember

01 January,2018 by Tom Collins

Question: I’ve read the article How to Export Active Directory Group Members with Powershell Get-ADGroupMember . This article  has a script to export the members of the AD group , but it exports the name. I require the DOMAIN_NAME\login_name  information .

Select name – returns the name , which columns do I return which would give me the DOMAIN_NAME\login_name ?

Answer: The Get-ADGroupMember cmdlet is very efficient at returning AD group members , but it does require some manipulation to get back the DOMAIN_NAME\login_name combination. I’m assuming you’ve installed the Powershell Active Directory module for Windows. If you haven’t then the first step is to install the AD module for Windows , use these instructions: How to install the Active Directory Module for Windows

You’ll notice the first part of the powershell  script  is similar to obtaining a list of names in the selected Active Directory Group. The difference is to pipe the resultset , extract the DistinguishedName , SameAccountName and then do some string manipulation using the powershell spilt and replace functions.


Get-ADGroupMember -identity 'INSERT_MY_GROUP-NAME' –Recursive  | select-object @{name="Login";expression={(($_.DistinguishedName  -split '(DC=)')[2] -replace ',')+"\"+$_.SamAccountName}}

For further reading on Powershell scripting read:

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