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SQL Server and Petya

29 June,2017 by Tom Collins


There is increased chatter about another global ransomware attack. This one is called Petya . The main attack point of Petya is Windows master boot record. The Petya ransomware encrypts the NTFS table and there is a demand for Bitcoin payment.

The general advice is to be careful about email attachments, apply security patching aggressively , offsite backups and browsing.

There are a number of steps which can assist in mitigating the risk on a server hosting SQL Server.

No browsing allowed on servers supporting SQL Server

  • Monitor for failed logins on your Servers; particularly the sa login look for patterns here e.g. are they coming from one Server.Read more on how to identify and report on failed login attempts with Powershell - Powershell and Failed Logon attempts
  • Avoid using TCP/IP port 1433
  • Strong passwords for the Service Accounts and sa Accounts; e.g. 6w34ase[vb3n61q^*354wj769:@
  • Regular Full Backups that would cover
  • Password protect the backups

There's always debate about whether anti-virus software should be installed on a server hosting SQL Server. Read more on Is AntiVirus Software required on a SQL Server (SQL Server DBA)

A very thorough certification process will assist in locking down the system . Couple with a rigorous change request process will minimise the surface attack space.


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