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5 easy ways to protect SQL Server against Ransomware attacks

16 May,2017 by Tom Collins

Ransomware and how to recover files from ransomware have been a hot topic this week. High profile attacks on NHS computers have escalated the awareness of virus attacks. It’s not the first there have been ransomware attacks, who remembers Cerber ransomware which stopped database processes to access datastores to encrypt data?


Most SQL Server DBAs are generally paranoid about access to data. Increased awareness, applying sql server security best practises and regular reviews\audits help greatly in maintaining solid security and minimising attacks. Regular Security Risk Analysis and database security   check can offer a good insight to fixes

These are 5 SQL Server security basics. Ransomware attacks are appearing regularly - with a wide range of attacks from brute force password checks to encrypting files

Although we’ve been discussing SQL Server , ultimately SQL Server is under great risk if the server Administrator account is revealed. Server security is just as important , work with the security team to make sure all precautions are in place

Read more on How To Automate SQL Server Vulnerability Assessment   & Why promoting failure can increase Resiliency


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