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Simple Ideas to improve the life of a DBA

07 April,2017 by Tom Collins

It’s Friday afternoon , and I’m just preparing for a relaxed weekend. Hopefully. There’s always the possibility of a call-out but that’s the life I’ve chosen with a Career in DBA

There are big moves across organisations to handle bigger data and start justifying the costs of IT. “Why are we spending all this money and not making processes less expensive?”

Not all changes need to be monumental. In fact , some changes can be just a readjustment of focus . Here are some example of ideas that would make my life easier as a DBA.

  1. Make the developers more accountable for the code they are writing. Alerting should have a process to escalate straight to the developer. Very often a DBA is left with the responsibility of hacking code written by developers . Think of how to change alerting and escalation to developers
  2. Developers and DBAs should work closer. A DBA should understand the developer challenges and a Developer should become involved in the DBA responsibilities.
  3. Companies should invest more on DBA training. Data sets are getting bigger, deployments need to be more automated, self service, the list goes on.. All these requirements require a deeper set of skills while enhancing the classic DBA skills. Focus on the DBA basics with the 95 - 5 rule
  4. Consider Remote DBA services – Can be an effective and focused way of getting some temporary assistance – without the overhead of a full time DBA.Outsourcing DBA tasks to an Offshore IT company

     5. Send DBAs to more labs, conferences etc. Expand the DBA mind. Here are some lessons I learnt at TecheEd 2013 - it's interesting how may of the ideas are now mainstream .TechEd Europe 2013 lessons learnt - SQL Server DBA

     6. Recognise a DBA job is stressful and develop a culture of working productively . One habit to develop is to measure activity .It is far easier to argue for changes if you have statistics at your fingertips.

     7. Reassess signal to nose ratio on alerts , are all the alerts useful?Does everything need to be alerted ? Consider differentiating between alerts and reporting Database server : Monitoring versus reporting


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