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SQL Server DBA Jobs

Skills required for rapid development

27 January,2017 by Tom Collins

Questions: What are the skills required for a SQL Server DBA in a rapid development environment?

I’ve read the Agile DBA – which is useful , with loads of useful details, but looking for more practical details

Answer: The details presented in  Agile DBA    are the main cornerstones  for the DBA moving into the “new world” of agile development, automation , self service and self healing.

Companies are critically evaluating how to make it easier and cheaper to manage the database platform. A database platform which has growing data volume, diverse database systems - for example - SQL Server , MariaDB, MongoDB,PostgreSQL all  being managed by one set of DBAs.

Learning the new features of database servers is a standard aspect of the job but introducing more automation and self service requires other skills

More scripting! I predict the demand for developer\scripting  skills in the DBA world  will skyrocket.   Some common issues for DBAs such as :

Configuration Management


Performance Tuning

Inventory management

 can be managed by a range of scripting skills  Powershell . Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, and Shell . Hundreds\Thousands of servers require a different mindset

When you consider the range of demands placed  on a DBA  and the type of details they need to manage  - for example, audit , error management,license management , charge management , capacity planning , and the list goes on.     It is unusual for one tool to cover all problems. This is where scripting skills are very useful 

What skills do you think are important for rapid development?


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