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How to get row count for every table in database

31 January,2017 by Tom Collins

Question: I need some sql code to record the row count of every table in a database.

I only need to run this code once , but it’s on a database with hundreds of tables

Answer: There are numerous ways of getting the row count for every table in a database.

If I require a quick method , just to simply record every table row count , I’ll use some code used in this example.

This code utilises the sp_msforeachtable stored procedure . As the input parameter, I include an INSERT INTO .. construct.

The sp_msforeachtable stored procedure iterates through every table – and records the count.

If you want some code with more detail - read more on SQL Server – Get sql table size and last updated for all tables



CREATE TABLE #TblRowCounts(TableName VARCHAR(128),NumberOfRows BIGINT)

use mydatabase
sp_msforeachtable 'INSERT INTO #TblRowCounts select ''?'' as ''Table'', count(*) as ''Rows'' from ? '

select * from #TblRowCounts
DROP TABLE #TblRowCounts


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