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08 January,2017 by Tom Collins

Automation improves quality of life , automation also causes job losses. These are two impacts from the process of automation. The theory is automation can replace mundane and repetitive tasks. The reality is also that certain individuals can become deskilled, forcing them to either learn new skills or become unemployed.

This process has been occurring throughout history. It’s interesting to look at history and how this process has occurred . The following is a good example, how a seemingly secure future changed.

Deindustrialisation is the reduction of industrial activity or capacity in a region or economy.

Redcar is a seaside resort and town in the Tees Valley in North Yorkshire, England, which encompasses over 20 different towns and villages. The town is located on the coast of England, this makes it a hub for easy and accessible trade.


Redcar is located East of the rust belt (located above the centre of England) where many towns and cities have become derelict due to industries closing etc. some of these places include Blackpool, Liverpool and Tendring. The area has become more derelict over the years as factories have shut down and the workforce in Redcar has decreased dramatically; “There are jobs, but you’ll never bring back the British Steel jobs,” says Billy Robson, an ex-steelworker who now runs the YMCA in Consett. “You were destined to work hard and get a good wage all your life. They were really good days for the town and I loved the job. We’ve resurrected Consett, but it will never be the same. It will never return to its finest glory. We had a 35-year reunion three weeks ago, and the craic remembering some of the horseplay we used to get up to was fantastic. People were shedding tears.” -

Consett is a town around 35 miles north west inland, many factories were located there such as steel factories, the majority have now been shut down which resulted in Redcar losing a lot of industry where they transport and receive goods to then deliver inland to Consett. Redcar has been impacted by the closing and shutting down of industries that once made Redcar an economic and industry hub.

The citizens of Redcar are slowly moving away due to pull factors from other areas such as Manchester that have a high prosperity and importantly; job opportunities, a better night life and more overall opportunities for children e.g. schools etc. Areas such as Redcar are becoming unloved, derelict and deprived as time goes on due to them developing an ageing population. This is because of families and young person’s moving when they can to prosperous places whereas the older citizens stay where they have always lived. The ageing population contributes to the dereliction of Redcar because as the population ages, retirement takes place and less people work and go out. Then the place gets stuck in a loop as no one wants to move or live there.

Overall, Redcar is on its way to dereliction and being deserted. It’s economy and GDP within the town has dropped dramatically over the last 10 years in particular and is expected to be one of the least prosperous place in the United Kingdom imminently.

These notes and impressions were taken from this article on the Guardian

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