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Limitations of xp_logininfo

20 December,2016 by Tom Collins

Question: I’d like to understand the limitations of xp_logininfo. I use xp_logininfo for quick reference to SQl Server security troubleshooting . The good thing about xp_logininfo is that it is part of SQL Server and as long as the permissions are in place – than it’s a handy tool.   No need to install initiate Powershell

I’ve noticed when I query using xp_logininfo to alternative trusted domains , but within the same farm , there is some unexpected results. I’d like to undertstand the limitations.

I’ve read the post How to query Active Directory with xp_logininfo

Answer: During my usage of xp_logininfo these are some of the limitations I've experienced. But like most tools, they are designed for a certain purpose , and if you have other requirements then it may be time to explore other approaches to querting Active Directory . For example : How to Export Active Directory Group Members with Powershell Get-ADGroupMember

>> xp_logininfo only returns details from AD global groups not universal groups. This can be confusing – but it’s important to understand – as it could save hours of troubleshooting. It could also influence the types of groups set up

>> The SQL service account should have sufficient rights to query Domain Controller. If the account cannot connect to Domain Controller, than no results are returned!

>> Using xp_logininfo with a Windows login which has different levels of access, such as sa and user – the sa level is reported. The way to resolve is by using the “all” keyword – which returns

>> Cannot enumerate through a group within a group. If xp_logininfo returns a set of members and one of the members is a group , than the nested group will have it’s members automatically enumerated. There are ways around this limitation using programmatic methods

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