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5 ways globalisation has impacted IT

02 September,2016 by Tom Collins

Globalisation is a process of global integration of economies, politics, products and culture. Globalisation is a powerful trend, with impact on all countries. The main three types of globalisation are; cultural, political and environmental. With every development whether it be small or big, the affect is felt globally

1) The progression in ICT developments has contributed to the enlargement of cultural, political and economic globalisation. The internet enables people and businesses to communicate instantly resulting in the world becoming more tightly linked together and attempting to expand global knowledge of all different cultures.

Additionally, satellite communications allow a global view and communication links to remote areas. Applications such as TV and telephone communications, have led to a development in cultural globalisation as  media is easily circulated through always connected population. Mobile phones enable people to communicate and access the internet in whatever location they wish and social media brings people from all around the world into contact with one another, the result of this is individuals becoming more educated on different cultures and backgrounds and a progression in technology and globalisation.

2) There has been a development in IT and computers due to the increase in services online. Read more on some examples  Outsourcing DBA tasks to an Offshore IT company The popularity and increase in using the web to apply for a job or book a flight has affected the amount of jobs related to IT and a massive demand for computers, internet and power across the globe.

3) There is growing evidence of a strong correlation between the increasing use of transport, power and energy alsongside global warming and other environmental problems . A result of these problems means technology needs to monitor and assist in preventing these environmental factors damaging the globe. Measuring the impact is always debated as there are many interest groups who will publish measurements depending on their perspective

4) In the last 20-30 years we’ve witnessed the change from trade taking place over long periods of time and complicated communications to the simplicity and ease of online transactions for personal use such as ebay and amazon and on a larger commercial scale; trade between countries and cross border trade through online and IT communication . An increase in trade links coupled with an increase in environmental issues also has increased the numbers of jobs available in online retail companies or TNC’s (Trans national companies).

5) With communications being developed and increasing in popularity, popular applications e.g email have increased alongside other software based solutions e.g apps to look at the tube times or apps to book taxis and flights. This has resulted in an increase of jobs and the development of IT due to technology increasing in its capability rapidly. Furthermore, on a larger scale, the evolution of transport such as jet planes and ubers has increased the IT sector hugely; e.g technology and jobs needed to track planes . IT is transforming transport . To support this development IT services are needed, technology must expand its capacity to fulfil the demand

Although globalisation has developed IT in many amazing and useful ways, it has also developed it in a number of negative ways. As the expansion of the globe takes place,disagreements increase between countries and transglobal groups. The supplies needed for wars are now so scarily easy to obtain. There are increasing reports as to the ease of making a weapons from products purchased online. On a larger and more well-publicised scale, bombs can be triggered with just a click of a button millions of miles away. Now there is huge amount of technology all around the world to track millitary planes and ships. You can even join the army through a few clicks on an online application form

            Overall, the world has benefited in many ways through globalisation and in particular related to technology, however there are negatives causing increasing global tensions.IT is at the heart of these developments

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