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BT and Oracle cloud link up

29 June,2016 by Tom Collins

BT are marketing  a “cloud of clouds” idea. They already offer access to Office 365 , Amazon Web Services, and a bunch of other Services including Cisco and Salesfore. They announced a deal with  Oracle Cloud.

With Oracle Cloud , a subscriber can access Oracle technology.

From a DBA perspective there are some aspects to note:

  1. There are a number of major vendors in the Cloud – Microsoft, IBM, Amazon. From a pricing and licensing perspective , how do they compare? Organisations are reviewing database platforms – based on licensing costs.
  2. Management of database servers in the cloud?
  3. Cloud – automation, auto install,patching, template builds. Changes are required to DBA processes. What is the impact on total cost of ownership?
  4. An interesting addition is Oracle Fast Connect . The Fast Connect feature allows the direct access to Oracle Cloud but not passing over the public internet.
  5. London and Amsterdam are the destinations for the data stores. For organisations interested in   accountability and auditing – this is an interesting aspect . There are potentially differing regulations governing these data domains


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