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How to check my SQL permissions

27 May,2016 by Tom Collins

I received a phone call from a customer dealing with a t-sql  problem . I asked him to organise some access so I could troubleshoot the problem. When I  logged on I wanted to confirm the level of permissions.

An easy way to check for your self is to use the fn_my_permissions function. The fn_my_permissions always returns permissions in the security context of the logged in caller.

There are multiple options , but some quick ones to give a list of server and database level permissions are listed below.


SELECT * FROM fn_my_permissions(NULL, 'SERVER');


entity_name      subentity_name              permission_name

server                   CONNECT SQL

server                   SHUTDOWN

server                   CREATE ENDPOINT

server                   CREATE ANY DATABASE

server                   CREATE AVAILABILITY GROUP

server                   ALTER ANY LOGIN



USE myDatabase
SELECT * FROM fn_my_permissions (NULL, 'DATABASE');


entity_name      subentity_name              permission_name

database                             CREATE TABLE

database                             CREATE VIEW

database                             CREATE PROCEDURE

database                             CREATE FUNCTION

database                             CREATE RULE

database                             CREATE DEFAULT

database                             BACKUP DATABASE

database                             BACKUP LOG


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