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Are you sleeping enough? Take the sleep test

05 April,2016 by Tom Collins

This is not strictly SQL Server related , but is a topic in which I’m interested. Sleep. Mainly because I appear to be sleep deprived for a large portion of the week. According to some experts – if you’re sleeping is broken at least 2 nights a week – then you are pathologically sleep deprived.

Dr James Maas has a simple sleep test . Five questions, which if you answer to 2 or more suggests you are sleep deprived

1) Does a warm room ,a small amount of alcohol , boring meeting, a boring meeting make you feel drowsy?

2) Do you fall asleep within 5 mins of turning the light off

3) Do you need an alarm clock to wake up ?

4) Do you hit the snooze bar repeatedly?

5) Do you sleep extra on the weekend?

Yes to 2 or more and you are pathologically sleep deprived


Dr James Maas has these golden rules, which I have to say in reality are difficult to achieve – but I’m certainly going to give it a go

  1. 9hrs
  2. Regular sleep time
  3. One block


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