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New Database request checklist

08 March,2016 by Tom Collins

You’ve just spent 2 weeks optimising a database for a new application, ensuring all the items on SQL Server Install Checklist are met. There’s a plan in place to scale for growth , a maintenance plan and an agreement to commit a health check once a month.

Everything is looking good. Then the owner requests if they add a new database , for a new third party application. As it’s there server – and are paying for it – they want to make it as cost effective as possible.

As a DBA you have a responsibility to complete some capacity planning and performance testing – but you’ve moved on to other projects. You don’t complete the due diligence. Before you know it this “small” database is ramping up with thousands of IOs and some complex queries “out of the box”, which you aren’t allowed to touch under the warranty agreement.

This is a typical scenario. That’s why it is useful to have a process in place where you ask some standardised questions to the requestor. These questions may lead to other questions, but the key is that some consideration is given to the impact of the database on the other databases .

The first step is ask if the third party has some documentation in place .

Here is a sample of questions. I normally get the requestor to fill out the details – as much as possible. I follow up with a meeting where we can discuss in detail.


Business App

Name of business applications

App Owner

Name of the Owner of this DB (approve changes etc)




What Backup Schedule ?


Is monitoring required ?




Database Name:


Collation (Default same as Server)


Recovery Model (Default Simple)


Compatibility Level (Default Same as server)



Database (Data File)

Data file Initial Size (MB)

Data File Autogrowth

Data File Growth (In % or Meg)

Data File Autogrowth

Restriceded File Growth ?

Database (Log File)

Log File Initial Size (MB)

Log File Autogrowth

Log File Growth (In % or Meg)

Log File Autogrowth

Restriceded File Growth ?





Security (SQL)

Do you require SQL login


Whats Rights Does the SQL login's require

Security (AD)

What AD groups require access To this DB


What Rights do the AD groups require (R/W/E/Other)




Read Only ? (Default No)





Database Files

Does the DB require Extra Files?(fill in below for each file)


Logic Name of file




Initial Size (MB)


Auto Growth




In the cloud – there is increasing demand for immediate stand up of databases – that developers can set up with little or no lead time. That’s ok for a development area , but in a Production environment with high scale, mission critical databases, some due diligence is required.


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Author: Tom Collins (


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