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How to monitor progress of Online Index Rebuild

23 March,2016 by Tom Collins

After posting How to monitor progress of Offline Index Rebuild , I received an email asking how to monitor an Online Index Rebuild.

If I need to monitor the progress of an Online Index Rebuild it is usually to estimate how much time may be left. One of the benefits of an Online Index Rebuild is the capacity to maintain access to the Index , but one of the costs is the maintenance of two index trees simultaneously . This can cause some resource contention

The Progress Report: Online Index Operation event class is exposed through Profiler and will supply the online index build operation progress

A few things I like about the Progress Report: Online Index Operation event class are:

1) The BigData1 column actually presents the amount of rows inserted. If you know the amount of rows , then you can estimate on the basis of the rows already inserted how long the job will take

2)PartitionID and PartitionNumber columns

3)Start Time


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