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Top 5 SQL Server Forums

20 February,2016 by Tom Collins

The amount of SQL advice on the internet is unbelievable. I’ve been working as a DBA for 20 years, and there is no question about the incredible expansion of information available . That doesn’t mean that all information is equal. In fact , there is loads of advice on the internet , which is damaging.

I love the Dirty Harry movie series. They are an insightful philosophical investigation  of an individual working outside the system to achieve justice. In Dead Pool  Harry Callahan says “Well, opinions are like ?#!holes. Everybody has one” .  Just remember...I warned you.

These 5 forums are straight from my browser favourites. They’ve been in my favourites for  years. I don’t visit forums as regularly as I used to , but when I do , these tend to be first stop for SQL Server related discussions.   

1) MSDN forums –

Why use this site: It’s a widely used forum focusing on SQL Server. Contributors range from Microsoft employees to  expert independent DBAs. Apart from a wide range of experts , there is also a very wide range of SQL Server platform issues discussed.For example, you can ask a Powershell question combined with SQL Server, and the responses are thoughtful 

Must-read article: It’s a forum

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute

2) DBA StackExchange -

Why use this site: A Q & A site  covering SQL Server, DB2, postgresql, mysql,Oracle . You can always learn something from problem solving on other platforms.

Must-read article : It’s a Q&A site.

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute

3) DB Forums -

Why use this site: A forum which covers a wide range of database technologies and programming languages. MySQL,Oracle, DB2 and others are all covered . The level of responses and conversation is good quality. If you are a SQL Server DBA and require exposure to other RDBMS platforms , this is a good one. I’ve been a member for a few years and it’s consistently good.

There are few DBAs I know who aren’t exposed to more than 1 RDBMS platform , and if you’re not you should be.

Must-read article : It’s a Q&A site.

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute

4) SQL Server Central  -

Why use this site: Completely focused on SQL Server. A good quality experts engaged in the forums. SQLServerCentral also syndicates articles from a wide range of expert sources – ranging from  bloggers to vendor whitepapers.     There’s regular fresh content feeds including  industry based events.

Must-read article : It’s a Q&A site.

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute

5) SQL team –

Why use this site: This forum has been around for a long time, and was the second SQL Server forum I joined (MSDN was the first). Because SQL team is slightly lower profile, there was a good community feeling. Without embarrassing any experts – there are a couple of contributors who are excellent.      I have on occasion been stuck on a thorny problem – and some of the responses have been insightful

Must-read article : It’s a Q&A site.

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute



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