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Top 4 Best SQL Editors

14 February,2016 by Tom Collins

Based on a recent poll I took the best\most used  SQL Editor goes to :

SQL Server Management Studio – Query Explorer


This is not a surprise as it ships with SQL Server and is the default client . Quite often developers will remain with the tools they first started on.   It’s good to maintain an open-mind, there may be more productive methods available.

One factor which will influence sql editor tool choice  is the range of platforms. For example, if a developer or DBA is writing sql code to support multiplatforms such as SQL Server and DB2 , they may look to sql editor tool with standardised support for both platforms.

Lets look at some details

  1. SQL Server Management Studio

Home Page:

Author: Microsoft

Latest Stable Version: SSMS 2016

Written in: C , C++, .Net, t-sql to communicate to DB

Operating System: Windows


2.    MS SQL Code Factory

Home Page:

Author:Maestro Group

Latest Stable Version: 15.7

Operating System: Windows


3.DatabaseSpy SQL Editor


Author: Altova

Latest Stable Version:  2016

Operating System: Windows


4. SQuirrel SQL Client

Home Page :

Author: Colin Bell, Gerd Wagner, Rob Manning and others

Latest Stable Version:  3.7

Written in:  Java

Operating System: Cross Platform


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