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The future of jobs – 5.1 million job losses and the superstar economy

24 January,2016 by Tom Collins

The World Economic Forum released a paper entitled “The Industry Gender Gap Women and Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.The authors predict current disruption trends and adjustments in different industries may lead to 5.1 million job losses.

 It is estimated 66% relate to white collar labour predominantly Office and Administrative roles. Counterbalancing will be a gain of 2 million jobs – mainly in Engineering \ Computer \ Mathematics \ Architecture.

Reflecting upon the reasons for this significant transformation in labour trends , it’s interesting to think about the type of Computer work which will become dominant and which areas will be severely affected.

The process of automating processes has been a major trend in the last 30 years. Even within the DBA world we’ve seen the efficiencies gained by automating repeatable tasks and even troubleshooting issues.

There have been some interesting responses to the idea of job losses due to automation and the rise of tech. Governments are beginning to think about how to deal with the potential of increased unemployment – through the application of a universal basic income. The rise of the superstar economy – where a small group of very large companies control a large proportion of resources , is underpinned heavily by automation and economies of scale.

The traditional Operations DBA role is always under pressure. But there are areas within DBA work which continue to expand . Focus on complex problem solving , systems development  and basically work higher in the value chain is critical to organisations.How to go from New DBA to Advanced DBA - SQL Server DBA

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