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How to Generate a Perfmon System Diagnostics Report

18 December,2015 by Tom Collins

Perfmon has a useful feature of generating a Systems Diagnostic Report. The Report checks for various categories : Software Configuration, Hardware Configuration, CPU,Network,Disk ,Memory

To create the report use the cmd line. Run As administrator

type perfmon /report.

Perfmon will collect data   for 60 seconds


The two immediate areas to check are : Warnings and Performance. You can drill down into the details by following the links.


This is a great feature and is usefull all-round diagnostics tool. The key is to interpret the data to resolve any issues.

If you need to analyse other correlations  over a greater period of time with customised relationships set up customised Perfmon collection sets

These reports could be used as part of a measurable diagnostics rather than relying on Blind Faith versus Test Oriented programming – SQL Antipattern #004

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