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SQL Server DBA Jobs

5 websites that will make you a better SQL Server DBA

28 October,2015 by Tom Collins

 “No man is an island” – I’m not quite sure who wrote the line , but for a DBA it is very true. Everyday new problems and challenges arise. The DBA job is to  learn quickly, find solutions and develop  experience.   These 5 websites have helped me in my job as a DBA.

Note: Read Sushi , daily habit, productivity and DBA  to find out about an approach to productivity, which can be applied to any profession.

In addition to the websites below, for top SQL Server experts read 7 Twitter Feeds every SQL Server DBA should follow

1) MSDN forums – SQL Server topics (various)

Why use this site: It’s a widely used forum focusing on SQL Server. Contributors range from Microsoft employees to  expert independent DBAs.

Must-read article: It’s a forum

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute


2) DBA StackExchange -

Why use this site: A Q & A site  covering SQL Server, DB2, postgresql, mysql,Oracle . You can always learn something from problem solving on other platforms.

Must-read article : It’s a Q&A site.

Update Frequency: Minute by Minute


3) MSDN Books Online - SQL Server 2016

Why use this site: With every SQL Server version, I try and read  MSDN Books Online. There is some great detail which could save you lots of headaches.

Must-read article:  Restore Pages .

Update Frequency: Every SQL Server versions.Ad-hoc updates.


4) SQL Server Customer Advisory Team - SQLCAT articles

Why use this site: Detailed articles on real SQL Server implementations. In depth knowledge and feedback from SQL Server experts.  

Must-read: SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn High Availability and Disaster Recovery Design Patterns

Update Frequency: Monthly\ad-hoc


5)Schneier on Security -

Why use this site: Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a "security guru" by The Economist.

Must-read: Race Condition Exploit in Starbucks Gift Cards

Update Frequency: Few times a week

This is a strong list of sites for DBAs. But it isn’t a definitive list. What sites do you read? Leave a comment below .



For Q & A sites read : Top 5 SQL Server Forums



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