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Researching FlashCopy Manager for backup and restore management

21 March,2015 by Tom Collins

Data sets are growing. Requirements for increased Production data availability are expanding in the 24 x 7 world. But amongst all this change – there still remains the critical demand for the DBA to support the agreed Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

I’m  always looking for ways to offload the backup  workload . During the backup window, server performance degrades. I’ve recently been researching Flash Copy Manager. These are some scenarios \ thoughts \ issues requiring investigation.

When investigating new  Backup and Restore products and how they may apply to an environment, simple or obvious questions can sometimes elicit responses revealing gold mine information. I’m never scared to ask the obvious question.

Scenario 1 – Data corruption and FlashCopy Manager

Can we complete a data recovery of an older level of data , for example, due to a logical application error? Would that be at a database level or drive level?

Scenario 2- ETL and FlashCopy Manager

Can Flash Copy of data be restored onto another server, with another server name, security and supporting files, maintaining  consistent transactions and be available for read\write?

Is there a documented process for Instant restore of volume process?

Scenario 3 – High Availability and FlashCopy Manager

If the SQL Server is set up in an AlwaysOn configuration i.e high availability  databases – do the nodes on TSM need to be set up differently.?

Is the snapshot transaction consistent across all the drives?If  data and transaction log files are stored across different drives

If any Production DBAs have  Flash Copy Manager experience in a Production Database Server environment, I’d like to hear from you. Your feedback will assist me to assess Flash Copy manager

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