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Xp_cmdshell – the most dangerous extended stored procedure on the planet

16 February,2015 by Tom Collins

Xp_cmdshell is possibly the most dangerous extended stored procedure on the planet. I’ve seen some serious impact on a combination of xp_cmshell enabled and sysadmin rights.  The main reason for it’s dangerous image is xp_cmdshell allows shell scripts to  execute on OS.

My general rule is to not allow non DBAs xp_cmdshell  direct access. If a user requests  xp_cmdshell with a valid and pragmatic reason, then I’ll set up a stored procedure – allowing them to run only xp_cmdshell through this stored procedures. Think about adding a check on input parameters to this managed store procedure


There are valid reasons for granting a user xp_cmdshell.  A review is essential. Some risk analysis should be implemented , weighing the security risks and benefits associated with granting xp_cmdshell privileges to a login

Different methods of granting xp_cmshell permissions

  1. Grant sysadmin to the login account
  2. It is also possible to grant a user xp_cmdshell usage by granting EXECUTE permissions to the login on the stored procedure xp_cmdshell

How to check if xp_cmdshell is enabled


SELECT CONVERT(INT, ISNULL(value, value_in_use)) AS config_value
FROM  sys.configurations  WHERE  name = 'xp_cmdshell' ;

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