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Hot trends in database server management for 2015

01 January,2015 by Tom Collins

What’s hot in database servers for 2015?

What problems are  DBAs facing?

1) More data ,always growing!

2) Faster access to the growing data

3)Security mainly due to web facing and increased regulatory requirements. There are multiple approaches to web interfacing with database servers, ranging from Microsoft through to OpenSource

4)DBAs dealing with increasing types of databases: temporal, logic, content – based , Multimedia


Trends in database server management for 2015

Based on my experience in 2014 –working on large SQL Server and DB2 installations, these were the main ideas gaining prominence. There are loads of other developments ,but these are based onmy working experience

Increased usage of Solid State Disk. For certain activities , such as risk modelling – characterised by very high volume number crunching , it can be cost effective

Business intelligence - Just keeps getting better.Analytics and modelling contiiously improving , as problem sets keep emerging

Increased optimization techniques

New \ improvised locking and commit rules

Main-memory databases

New types of indices


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