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Bad indentation in stored procedures

25 December,2014 by Tom Collins

Bad indentation in a stored procedure is inefficient. I receive daily requests to analyse sql queries for performance issues , but quite often I spend the first part of the job applying indentation to make the code easier to read.

I don’t think bad indentation as bad coding and it doesn’t make the code run inefficiently. But it does make troubleshooting a slow running query  more difficult. In an earlier post - Stored Procedure Checklist - I highlight a checklist of items which have positive performance impact on the query.


When I start analysing the stored procedure , particularly the very long stored procedures, I try to understanding the flow of the code. Quite often other developers have added to the original code – which adds to different styles.

As well as helping others to read the code , it also allows the developer to read their own code , when required to revisit the original code.

Along with good indentation another useful habit is to use Commenting. I prefer a comment block at the top with usage and revision history . Snippets throughout the code to enhance the understanding

As it’s the holiday season , maybe you could consider adding it to your New Year’s resolution list.

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