How to Script database role permissions and securables

15 October,2014 by Tom Collins

Question : How can I script database role permissions?  I’ve created the database role but need to migrate the database role  permissions.

Answer: Use this DBA script on the source database . Add the database role name as a value to the @DBRoleName  variable.Copy and paste the GRANT EXECUTE statements and execute them on the target database

 Script database role permissions

declare @DBRoleName varchar(40) = 'myDatabaseRole'
SELECT 'GRANT ' + dbprm.permission_name + ' ON ' + OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(major_id) + '.' + OBJECT_NAME(major_id) + ' TO ' + + char(13) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS 
from sys.database_permissions dbprm
 join sys.database_principals dbrol on
dbprm.grantee_principal_id = dbrol.principal_id
where = @DBRoleName

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