DBA daily study habits

27 August,2014 by Tom Collins

New DBAs know constant learning is necessary for  DBA career progression.  The DBA is usually a busy member of an IT department, involved in multiple projects\issues.  It’s  easy to sacrifice theory , internals  and systems knowledge , but for long-term gain, it’s essential.

My daily study routine involves

1) Answer 25 forum questions

2)  Write a blog post  on sqlserver-dba.com , dba-db2.com

3) Dedicated reading for 1 hr (on train commute) – various topics : RDBMS, low latency techniques,high scalability,architecture, security management

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This system works for me. You’ll notice no mention of certifications, I used to complete some certifications but have lapsed in the last few years, due to the sheer workload and maintaining learning.

Certifications are  good for structured learning of best practises and exposure to features you may not use regularly. I prefer attending technical conferences  and in-depth training.

 I’d like to hear about study routines from other DBAs . Post your comments below.  

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Author: Tom Collins (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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