SQL 2012 datetime rounding issue

12 March,2014 by Tom Collins

When upgrading some SQL Server 2005 databases to a SQL Server 2012 instance , I spotted some datetime rounding behaviour, which I hadn't noticed before - but has existed since SQL 2000!  

The problem manifested itself when the SQL Server 2012 instance received a value from the application . In Example 1 below -  The application was using an input parameter value '2014-03-12 13:09:56.341' , but it was being rounded to ‘2014-12-03 13:09:56.340’.   The input parameter was defined as a datetime data type.

A potential solution is changing the input parameter to a data type of datetime2(3)  , which has accuracy to 100ns and increased precision, solved the problem. The datetime2 data type was introduced in SQL 2008, Check Example 2 below.  Note: I added (3)  as fractional seconds precision – which has the effect of trimming the output

Datetime values are rounded to increments of .000, .003, or .007 seconds, by using datetime2 with the increased precision , allows the input value to be preserved at a higher level of precision


--rounded to .000 ,.003 , .007 increments
declare @d1 datetime 
set @d1 = '2014-03-12 13:09:56.341';
select @d1;
--returns - 2014-03-12 13:09:56.340

--up to 7 decimal places - accurate to within 100ns
declare @d2 datetime2(3);
set @d2 ='2014-03-12 13:09:56.341' ;
select @d2;
--returns - 2014-03-12 13:09:56.341

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Author: Tom Collins (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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