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Error 5171 – mdf is not a primary database file

24 March,2014 by Tom Collins

Question: I’m getting a SQL Server Error 5171 error , when trying to attach an mdf. The message is "mdf is not a primary database file". How can I fix this issue?


An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)
D:\Data\mydb.mdf is not a primary database file. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5171)


Answer:  My initial assumption is the database file is damaged. Confirming this assumption might be difficult.

How to troubleshoot Error 5171

1)      Check to see you have a valid backup. If so , restore from the backup device. Read more on disaster recovery. When you confirm there is a valid backup , discuss with business owners and operations staff the timelines for recovery.  

This is a critical step , as it is highly likely you will not be able to recover the file and to minimise downtime , preparing for a RESTORE could save you critical time.

This step highlights the importance of a solid  backup strategy supporting Recovery Point Objective


2)      Another potential source of recovery may be mirrored drives as used in SAN replication. For example , if there is an asynchronous mirroring setup – then ensuring you can stop the mirroring , then failover to the mirror drives may allow access to a more recent version than the backup version


3)      Use a third party utility. Usually the third party utilities promise you everything  including solving third world poverty, but in reality it make take testing a few different ones – and hopefully one can fix the issue

4)      Fix the mdf header s. I’ve only added this as an option – very few individuals could probably manage this step. As well as very in-depth technical knowledge , it would require some time.

Read More on fixing corrupt databases

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