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Tuning expert makes SQL Server faster

01 January,2014 by Tom Collins

SQL Server Consultant -  Performance Tuning

Faster SQL Server : SQL Server 2019\2017\2014 \ 2012 

Structured reporting , analysis, resolution >>>> Faster SQL Server

Focus on the queries causing the largest bottlenecks. Hardware is rarely the root cause. I analyse hundreds of issues every week , and most  are resolved through non-hardware solutions . Applications  relying on database servers are complex. Knowing  how to identify the top SQL Server bottlenecks and resolve leads to a fast SQL Server – saving money on hardware upgrades and expensive database changes.

I gather information from your SQL Server. I apply a root cause analysis using techniques and experience gathered over 20 years of SQL Server experience.


SQL Server Performance Killers – Sound familiar?

1.Incorrect plan used by Stored Procedure
2.No indexes
3.Inefficient queries – Bad estimates causing has joins and index scan
4.Inaccurate\missing statistics
5.To much data retrieval . Not using WHERE clauses
6.DBAs  relying on Perfmon rather than SQL Server Profiler to troubleshoot SQL Server Performance Problem
7.Using cursors rather than set based T-SQL
8.Slow performance on SQL Transaction Logs causing serious bottlenecks
9.SQL Data file autogrow causing transactions to stall
10. Starving the OS of memory due to poor memory configuration on SQL Server
11.Placing all databases on the same drives causing IO delay issues
12.Executing bulk imports at Production peak times causing performance issues.
13.Using SQL Server triggers and following best practises, particularly using nested or recursive triggers 14. DBA not performance testing a new disk subsystem
15.DBA relying on the “Kill it by Iron” approach. Not attempting to find the bottlenecks
16.Queries not hitting indexes and forcing scans, when using VARCHAR(max)
17.AntiVirus scanning database files
18.Screensavers with intensive CPU usage
19.High levels of blocking and deadlocking
20.High row count estimates  causing hash joins with table/index scans , result:high CPU

Use a real SQL Server Tuning expert with proven track record and experience

Do you need a SQL Server Health Check?

Do you have slow performance after a SQL Server upgrade?

Do you want a SQL Server certification against best practises?

Ask questions in the Comments section and I'll reply

Author: Tom Collins (


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