TempDB - setting the initial size

09 January,2014 by Tom Collins

Question: what should be the initial size of TempB?

Answer: The short answer :  “depends on the usage” patterns. In general  a low usage or workload Tempdb will require a smaller TempDB . A high usage or workload TempDB will require a larger TempDB

 There is all types of activity occurring in TempDB.  Read more on the types of SQL Server Objects using TempDB  SQL Server - TempDB performance and strategy checklist

The interesting thing about the list of SQL Server Objects is the range of objects. Everything from database mail , UDF and Version Store. The usage of TempDB is set to grow as more features are added to SQL Server.

 As an added note, avoiding auto growth  will assist in TempDB performance. I’m not saying to completely avoid auto growth – as it can still act as a fail-safe when unexpected usage occurs. 


Indicators to assist in setting the TempDB initial size

a)     Work usage patterns -

b)    Largest index size - SQL Server - How to find the largest sql index and table size

c)     Types of queries  including CURSORS and the amount of data required in sorting List current SQL Server tempdb statements  

Once you’ve set the initial size, monitor and adjust accordingly.


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Author: Tom Collins (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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