SQL Server lab requirements

11 November,2013 by Jack Vamvas

As a DBA – there are many situations where a SQL Server  lab is required. For example, I may need to log on and execute some test sequences from a client – after a new version of a Virus Scanner is installed. Quite often , the only available environment is a development environment.

This situation is not ideal. It is possible developers are working on the development environment , and my testing could interfere with their development. Even if I execute the tests after business hrs , I may kill the system – which may effect the backups or restrict developers from working the next day.

The solution is to have a dedicated lab for database server and supporting software. The main purpose of the lab is to evaluate software functionality. The purpose of testing hardware and other associated infrastructure is for a different topic and should be handled at the pre purchase stage.

What would I like in the lab?

To make the lab useful and fit for the purpose of evaluating software, these would be the basic requirements


1)     Multiple VMs with sufficient resources to test software functionality

2)     VMs supporting multiple OS – Linux, Windows etc

3)     At minimum 1 VM frozen \ cloned at the current Patch level of Production. The VM should include  utilities for backups, virus scan etc.

4)     Facility to reset the production level VM after testing

5)     Capacity to log on and execute test sequences from a client

There are other options for lab – such as orientation towards performance testing and troubleshooting, but for the immediate purpose of software evaluation these requirements would satisfy me

 Do you have access to a lab environment ? If so , how do you manage ? What features are part of the lab?

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Author: Jack Vamvas (http://www.sqlserver-dba.com)


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